I developed an open source composting / vermicomposting toilet design based on an ordinary flush toilet


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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

Hi Wendy,
Welcome to the SuSanA Discussion Forum! I am just wondering if your post should be moved to the sub-category on "vermicomposting toilets" or if it's better that it stays where it is? Do we see "vermicomposting toilets" as a subset of composting toilets or as two distinctly different things?
You probably know that we have a sub-category on vermicomposting toilets here:

Also, since you wrote about the historical developments, would you like to add that information into this thread which Dean has started?:
History of vermifilter toilet and wikipedia article
It could be useful to have it all in one place and there might also have been parallel developments in different parts of the world.

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Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

Comment by moderator: This post was originally in this thread:
"Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations please"


For anyone who's interested ...

I developed an open source composting / vermicomposting toilet design based on an ordinary flush toilet. It's inspired by Anna Edey's vermicomposting flush toilet design which she constructed in the 1990s. It needs little more than DIY skills to install and the materials can mostly be sourced from the industrial waste stream. It can also be retrofitted to existing septic tank systems.

It's very cheap to install, requires no proprietary equipment, no input of energy and no special ventilation. It DOES produce compost, although it never needs emptying so it's a matter of choice whether you use it or not. It doesn't require urine separation, it doesn't smell and the only maintenance necessary is to top up with organic material from time to time.

In water-sensitive locations, it could conceivably be used with a dry toilet provided handwashing water were also directed through the tank (to dilute urine and maintain required moisture levels). All up for experimentation ...

Full details on the website , where there's also a forum for discussions/questions/experimentation reports, etc.
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