City sanitation planning tool for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: "which" sanitation solutions go "where"


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City sanitation planning tool for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: "which" sanitation solutions go "where"

In Dar es Salaam, Africa’s fastest growing city, the current centralised sewerage network serves only 10-14% of the population. Meanwhile, 83% use onsite sanitation facilities, such as unlined pit-latrines and septic tanks, (which are often poorly constructed and unhygienic). These facilities also incur the on-going challenge of wastewater and faecal sludge management.

With the 2014 population of 5 million expected to exceed 10 million by 2030, and human settlements rapidly expanding beyond the reach of centralised networks, conventional approaches are unable to keep pace and provide sufficient coverage. Even with proposed expansions to the sewerage network, it is clear that and a vast majority of the population will still remain un-served.

In response to these challenges, BORDA Africa (together with our partners DAWASA and DAWASCO) recently developed the City Sanitation Planning (CSP) initiative, as part of an EU/Hamburg Wasser funded project: "Water Utility Partnership for Sustainable Service Delivery in Dar es Salaam"

CSP addresses the growing need for increased sanitation coverage in urban and peri-urban areas, and to “fill in the gaps” of conventional systems - particularly with complementary and integrated decentralised sanitation solutions. Using GIS software to overlay various physical and socio-economic characteristics (E.g. POPULATION DENSITY + ACCESSIBILITY + INCOME), the CSP methodology helps to streamline to process of determining "which" sanitation solutions should go "where", as well as identifying "stress areas" for urgent intervention.

For more information regarding this initiative, please download the 3-part CSP package here

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This CSP methodology has also been incorporated into an online interactive tool, which can be regularly updated to keep up with the rapidly growing and changing city:

I hope you will find this new tool useful.

Best Regards,


Additional information on BORDA Africa: BORDA is specialised in integrated decentralised sanitation solutions in the fields of wastewater, faecal sludge and solid waste management. We advise national and local governments, urban planners, architects, developers, water/sewerage authorities and private service providers to incorporate integrated and decentralised services into urban development schemes as well as into legal frameworks and regulations. The aim to establish decentralised sanitation systems as flexible and cost-efficient alternatives to centralised systems, and promote the creation of a market with supply and demand for decentralised solutions.

BORDA Africa has expertise in:
● City Sanitation Planning
● Decentralised solutions for wastewater management (E.g. Faecal sludge management, designing off-grid treatment systems, re-use, and biogas plants)
● Operation and Maintenance training for decentralised treatment plants
● Capacity Development (training centre for integrated sanitation and environmental education)
● Solid Waste Management (system design, concepts, business development)

Following the slogan “Improved Sanitation for All”, BORDA Africa strives to improve the quality and quantity of sanitation services and to protect freshwater resources in poor urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. The guiding principle is to achieve long lasting environmentally, socially and economically sound development.

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