What ICT-based tools are being used for sanitation and waste management planning?

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What ICT-based tools are being used for sanitation and waste management planning?

Dear Colleagues,
I am looking into the various ICT-based tools that people use within the sanitation sector for the planning and management of technologies and systems that cover the entire service chain from user interface to treatment and final end-use or disposal. I am curious to know what various tools are being used around the world, especially by practitioners, so I'm grateful for any suggestions, directions, links etc to what you know is being used.

These could be tools used for one or more of the following objectives: diagnostics, planning, technology selection, designing, sustainability assessment/evaluation, operating and monitoring, decision-support etc. I am also interested in learning more about tools used in the (solid) waste management sector due to the similarities with the sanitation sector. I am aware that there is some work that has been done to review various tools e.g. by Rémi Kaupp at WaterAid and the Pacific Institute but I am interested in knowing more about others that may not have been captured in earlier work and specifically ICT-based tools.

Your suggestions will be helpful for the work my colleagues and I are doing at SEI on the REVAMP tool which is focused on resource recovery but we are interested in exploring and generating synergies or complementarity with other tools that are being used in the sector, as opposed to being stand-alone and/or duplicating what others have already done.

Please share your thoughts/suggestions/connections etc.


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Re: What ICT-based tools are being used for sanitation and waste management planning?

Hi Daniel,

You posted this question into the sub-category on FSM - does that mean you are mainly interested in ICT-based tools for FSM only?

We do have another sub-category on the forum where we have discussed ICT-based tools a bit more broadly. We have called it "Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology)"
See here:

Maybe you had already browsed through there and found nothing of relevance, or maybe you hadn't seen it yet. Just thought I should bring it to your attention.

Do let us know what you find as this is likely to be an important topic for the future.

Kind regards,

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