In memoriam - Val Curtis (1958 - 2020)


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Re: In memoriam - Val Curtis (1958 - 2020)

Thanks Elisabeth for this nice tribute to Val, I have a lot of respect for Val and I admired her passion and dedication to improving the lives of others.

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In memoriam - Val Curtis (1958 - 2020)

Sorry that it is a little late but I wanted to express my sadness about the passing of Val Curtis last year in October. She was a British behavioural scientist devoted to championing hygiene and sanitation (Wikipedia entry here ). I think many of us knew her from her publications on handwashing.

There are many obituaries about her on the internet. Her employer, LSTHM, paid their tributes like this:

The family invites anyone who wishes to do so to post messages celebrating Val’s life here:

In July last years, when she knew she was dying of cancer, she wrote this moving article in the Guardian which left a deep impression on me:
"I'm one of the thousands of extra cancer deaths we'll see this year"

Rest in peace, Val.

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