Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?


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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

Hi Benno,
About that link to Amazon and Nature's Head I think you are referring to the post by user Groove at the very start of this thread in July 2018 when he or she wrote:

I am also looking for a good composting toilet and now I'm choosing from both www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B009Z7EK...m=0&tag=ventlessr-20 and Wisepick (link had to be deleted), maybe anybody used it (or something others) and can recommend?

I just thought I would clarify this.

To all,
FYI: I have now moved the discussion about Wendy's vermicomposting system into a separate thread ( forum.susana.org/290-vermifilters-for-bl...rdinary-flush-toilet ) to keep everything neat and easy to follow. I have put a link from one thread to the other and vice versa so one can still find the different discussions.

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Re: [SuSanA Forum] Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please? (Composting toilets, Arborloos)

Vermi composting doesn't destroy ascaris ova. Good system for waste reduction and stabilization but it's not a reliable full pathogen destruction process.



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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

I would like to suggest Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design. It’s a budget-friendly toilet that is easy to install that only requires to hire a professional plumber. It comes with a huge capacity that lets 2 people use the toilet full time. The unit requires no maintenance and emptying the toilet requires just 5 minutes. It’s an eco-friendly product like dual flush toilets. 
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