Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

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Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

I am also looking for a good composting toilet and now I'm choosing from both www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B009Z7EK...m=0&tag=ventlessr-20 and wisepick.org/best-composting-toilet/ , maybe anybody used it (or something others) and can recommend?
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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

There are so many different composting toilets out there to choose from. Good to see that you can now even buy them on Amazon! I see 128 customer reviews for the Nature's Head composting toilet. That should give you some good pointers already. (I usually find such customer reviews very helpful)

If you have specific technical questions or can provide more details on the context of your question, then please feel free to come back to the forum. A general buyer's guide is probably beyond what people are able or willing to provide here on the forum.


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