Theme 2: Prioritising those most in need (Thematic Discussion on SDGs)


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Theme 2: Prioritising those most in need (Thematic Discussion on SDGs)

Thematic discussion: Sustainable Development Goals - enough to end the sanitation crisis?

Running for two weeks from Tuesday 1 September to Monday 14 September on the SuSanA online discussion forum, the discussion will look at a number of key issues relating to sanitation in the SDGs and within the post-2015 development agenda.
In this discussion thread, the focus will be on
Theme II: Prioritising those most in need
and the following guiding questions:

How do we ensure that the SDGs prioritise, and monitor progress, for those most in need of safe sanitation? How do we ensure that they realise the human right to water and sanitation?

Starting this coming Tuesday, September 1, please join us for this discussion with discussion lead
Louisa Gosling, Programme Manager for Principles: WaterAid

Dr. Katrin Dauenhauer
SuSanA Thematic Discussion Series Coordinator
Bonn, Germany

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