Fact-sheets on some initiatives of GIZ “Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy” (SNUSP), India


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Fact-sheets on some initiatives of GIZ “Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy” (SNUSP), India

Under the Programme “Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy” (SNUSP) GIZ in India provides technical support to the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and work to improve the capacities and knowledge for implementing the National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP) in a improved and sustainable way. This support covers technical advise based on evidence, testing of sanitation solutions on the ground and development of the NUSP instruments, State Sanitation Strategies and City Sanitation Plans. Some of the initiatives have been documented in the form of fact-sheets. On behalf of SNUSP team i would like to share the recently published fact-sheets with you. The documentations covers some critical sanitation issues of India i.e Rehabilitation of sewerage system in cities;
Hydraulic assessment of trunk sewer to avoid wastewater discharge in holy river Godavari; Improved public toilet facilities in densely populated areas.

For more information on the GIZ SNUSP programme visit www.urbansanitation.org

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