New Town in the framework of Rural Development


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New Town in the framework of Rural Development

Dear friends and colleagues,

EcoSan can be seen as part of "Rural Development". It should work with EcoAgriculture therefore preferably aiming at building humus. Ecosan can provide starter cultures for reforestation e.g. with the amazing Moringa tree for fodder and food security stoppinig erosin. In addition, there are so many excellent tools like Rainwater Harvesting, Holistiv Planned Grazing (building good soil with 4 * animals see TED by Allan Savory), Woodgas Stoves, state of the art Natural Medicine in warm climates Knowledge of the NGO, and many more. In the work of my institute all these components can be part of the New Town development. Endless futher urbanisation is a dead end road, we need more productive post industral ways of life.

Please get a short 15' overview with my recent TEDx talk on the New Town:

I am looking forward for your feedback maybe in the discussion function of youtube. Please distribute further if you like the idea! New topics require some pushing...

Kind regards


Ralf Otterpohl
Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection
*** focus on Resources Management Sanitation / Ecosan
TUHH Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Terra Preta Sanitation:

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