Recent studies on urban sanitation


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Recent studies on urban sanitation

Dear Colleagues

These recent studies look interesting:

Modelling faecal pathogen flows and health risks in urban Bangladesh: Implications for sanitation decision making T Foster J Falletta N Amin M Rahman P Liu … - International Journal of …,2021 - Elsevier. Faecal-oral infections are a major component of the disease burden in low-income contexts, with inadequate sanitation seen as a contributing factor. However, demonstrating health effects of sanitation interventions–particularly in urban areas–has proved challenging and …  

On-street toilets for sanitation access in urban public spaces: A systematic review FD Moreira , S Rezende, F Passos -Utilities Policy, 2021 - ElsevierThis review aims to raise awareness of therole of on-street public toilets in urban sanitation and to identify gaps in understanding and guiding future research. Although the literature shows a diversity of viewpoints with regard to solutions, sanitation in public spaces was …     

Socio-technical analysis of a sanitation innovation in a peri-urban household in Durban, South Africa C Sutherland , E Reynaert, S Dhlamini… -Science of the Total …, 2021 - ElsevierThe provision of water and sanitation for all that is safe, dignified, reliable, affordable and
sustainable is a major global challenge. While centralized sewer-based sanitation systems remain the dominant approach to providing sanitation, the benefits of non-sewered onsite …   

Effects of an urban sanitation intervention on childhood enteric infection and diarrhea in Maputo, Mozambique: a controlled before-and-after trial J Knee , T Sumner, Z Adriano, C Anderson, FBush… - Elife, 2021 - We conducted a controlled before-and-aftertrial to evaluate the impact of an onsite urban sanitation intervention on the prevalence of enteric infection, soil transmitted helminth re-
infection, and diarrhea among children in Maputo, Mozambique. A non-governmental … 

Spillovers without social interactions in urban sanitation JW Deutschmann M Lipscomb … - Available at SSRN …,2021 - We run a randomized controlled trial coupled with lab-in-the-field social network experiments in urban Dakar. Decision spillovers and health externalities play a large role in determining uptake of sanitation technology, with decision spillovers being largest among … 

Impact of an Urban Sanitation Intervention on Enteric Pathogen Detection in Soils . D Capone,  D Berendes O Cumming DA Holcomb … - bioRxiv, 2021 - Environmental fecal contamination is common in many low-income cities, contributing to a high burden of enteric infections and associated negative sequelae. To evaluate the impact of a shared onsite sanitation intervention in Maputo, Mozambique on enteric pathogens in … 

Bayesian analysis of source tracking markers to estimate the effects of an urban sanitation intervention on human fecal contamination in Mozambique DA Holcomb J Knee , D Capone, T Sumner, Z Adriano… -bioRxiv, 2021 - Fecal source tracking (FST) may be useful to assess pathways of fecal contamination in domestic environments and to estimate the impacts of water, sanitation, and hygiene
(WASH) interventions in low-income settings. We measured two non-specific and two … 
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