View the SuSanA website in your own language - thanks to Google Translate


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View the SuSanA website in your own language - thanks to Google Translate

We have recently added a plug-in by Google Translate to the SuSanA website. If you go to the top of you now see a button which allows you to choose another language. It will then show you the SuSanA website in your chosen language.

I reckon for the "big" languages the Google Translations are already pretty good and are continously improving. One day, the professional translators will be out of a job! :blink:

For those languages spoken by fewer people, the translation is often still rocky and sometimes plain funny. But even that will eventually get better.

So have a look at how the SuSanA website looks in your own language!
Please note: we have no way of influencing which languages are available in Google Translate; this is beyond our control. So if your language is missing, that's a pity!


P.S. We used to have the SuSanA website in French and Spanish as well as English - as translated by a professional translator. The SuSanA secretariat at GIZ has plans to put that back in place in a few weeks or months (we lost it when we upgraded the website middle of 2017). Personally, I am not sure if it's really required (and one could argue why those two languages in particular? Is it because GIZ mainly works in countries where those languages are official languages? Are they really the most important ones?). It may be sufficient to only translate some very specific parts of the website, such as the FAQ page. Other than that, perhaps let Google Translate do the job. That's my personal opinion.
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