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TDS: YouTube Intro to Kick off the first TDS "The Sanitation Ladder: Next Steps"


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TDS: YouTube Intro to Kick off the first TDS "The Sanitation Ladder: Next Steps"

Dear Forum Users,

Today we would like to kick off the start to the Thematic Discussion Series!

Thematic Leads Patrick Bracken, Elisabeth Kvarnström and Ricard Gine will be on board to interact with the discussions on the forum, and to instigate discussion on the topics for each week.

The themes for the three weeks will be:

Week 1 (Feb 9-15) Theme: Evolution of the Sanitation Ladder
Week 2 (Feb 16-22) Theme: The post-2015 agenda and emerging monitoring challenges in the sanitation sector
Week 3 (Feb 23-27) Theme: The way forward…adaptation of the sanitation ladder to the post-2015 period

To start off the discussion series, check out the introduction on YouTube that Patrick has prepared to provide an introduction to the sanitation ladder topic, an introduction to the thematic leads, a breakdown of the topics for each week, and the schedule for the discussions:

Some particular timings of interest include:

2:25 Introduction to the Sanitation Ladders
11:26 Introduction to the Thematic Leads
16:26 Week 1 Theme
17:21 Week 2 Theme
18:04 Week 3 Theme

Check back later today for a post from Patrick to start the discussion on the first week discussion on the Evolution of the Sanitation Ladder!

Looking forward to the discussions and interesting contributions during the discussion series!


Please note: the discussions on the first week discussion theme which were posted in this thread have now been moved to the new category of TDS: Week 1 Theme - Evolution and Further Development of the Sanitation Ladder: forum.susana.org/forum/categories/185-th...he-sanitation-ladder
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