Bidet as female urinal? (in Ukraine)


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Re: Bidet as female urinal?

Dear Bogdan,

Nice to hear from someone from the Ukraine on this forum (might be a first?)!

Just thought I should tell you about this waterless urinal for females from the company Uridan that was tested at the main train station in Frankfurt (where I live) in June 2011 - see a forum post made by Amel who was an intern with GIZ at the time:

One photo (more in the same flickr set, click on the link below):

File Attachment:

Waterless urinal for femals and waste bin for the paper by Sustainable sanitation , on Flickr

From the set description:

In the underground station "Hauptwache" in the city centre of Frankfurt/Germany, waterless urinals for females have been installed to conduct a trial. Two toilets in the public toilet were substituted by "Uridan" waterless urinals. The incentive to use these urinals is, they are for free. (In comparison, to use a normal flush toilet in Frankfurt costs between 0,30 and 0,50 €.) Additionally, a survey of user acceptance is being conducted.

The trial in the end was not a full success and did not lead to permanent installations there. But I think it will come, just give us women some time to get used to these things!? ;-)

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Re: Bidet as female urinal?

Pre-test it with a few women, but I doubt it would be comfortable to use.

In general I am not sure about the acceptability of female urinals.

Can't you find UD squatting pans there?

Otherwise... what about stacking up on those carton funnels specifically made for women to be able to use a normal urinal?

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Bidet as female urinal? (in Ukraine)


I am building a public toilet in the Carpathian Mtn. on the buss station which involves urine separation. Unfortunately there are no female urinals at the moment available in Ukraine for sale. I thought about installing a bidet instead. Did anyone had experience?
Bogdan Popov
The Ecosolutions Forge

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