Bidet as female urinal? (in Ukraine)

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Re: Bidet as female urinal?

Dear Bogdan,
"your" Made in Ukraine porcelain looks much nicer :)
Please let us know about your "trail & error" later on, maybe with some photos too.
Again good luck
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Re: Bidet as female urinal?

Hi Bogdan,

How did you go with your idea of using a bidet as a female urinal at your public toilet facility in the Ukraine? Just curious.


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Re: Bidet as female urinal?

Hi Elisabeth!

I am not sure if really public toilets with many random users are the best places to install bidet as urinals.
It works at my home as unisex urinal however my wife says that women sometimes get spatters on themselves. We flush it with a cup of water after use. I would replace it with real unisex urinal if could get one here.

Best wishes,

Bogdan Popov
The Ecosolutions Forge
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