Public cassete dry toilet in Kiev


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Re: Public cassete dry toilet in Kiev

Ah, but wet composting is still aerobic. Usually the material saturated then turned. Septic, yes, is completely saturated.
The issue with this toilet is that it's getting a lot of urine, perhaps because it is a day-use facility.
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Re: Public cassete dry toilet in Kiev

The season is over so here is a short summary about the performance of the toilet.
1/ The big WC municipal public toilet near the cafe still has not been put into operation Our small dry toilet had to take all this huge load of people in the very end. And it did the job perfect!
2) Basically there was no problem with the smell during the whole operation time which proves the concept behind the toilet to be right.
3) The toilet crates had to be emptied two times when got full and the content moved to external compost chamber. The full crates (450-500 l) easily slide back and forward on the rails by 1 person.
Included also is a small video about the toilet

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