Smart sanitation subsidies?


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Smart sanitation subsidies?

Yes lets discuss the "dirty" word in sanitation :S

I think most professionals agree that especially more complex sanitation systems in (peri-) urban settings will need some quite substantial subsidies to work.

Yet especially in NGO circles fully "market" based or "no-subsidy" approaches are the current fad (due to some partially understandable reasons).

However those approaches and subsidies do not need to contradict each other, as well designed subsidies can start markets and/or support only some parts were negative externalities can not be overcome otherwise.

A few weeks ago I wrote a draft text for our network members to quickly summarize some good approaches for "smart" subsidies, which I have attached below.
Also interesting are these two publications that can be found in the SuSanA library:

But there seems to be a lack of well documented cases and especially ways to attempt to subsidize eco-san approaches over other maybe less environmentally sustainable solutions.

Thus I would be very interested to hear from experiences you had or very practical publications on the topic you might have come across.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: suggestions for or corrections on the attached fact brief are also welcome.

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