3rd Asian Development Bank (ADB) and​ Developing Member Country and Partners Sanitation Dialogue May 27-29, 2014 (and financial toolkits)


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Re: 3rd ADB–Developing Member Country and Partners Sanitation Dialogue May 27-29, 2014

Here is the link to the upcoming Sanitation Dialogue May 27-29 in Manila.

One of the items to be discussed further during the Sanitation Dialogue meetings is the innovative "Financial Toolkit" for the urban sewerage and septage sector. A first workshop was held on this in January, 2014.

Here is a link to that workshop with links to the presentations: wastewaterinfo.asia/event/joint-adb-wb-p...n-financing-workshop

The financial toolkits (in the form of Excel files) are available under Day 3.

Information provided by Paul Bulson (ADB): "This toolkit was prepared for ADB’s Philippines’ septage borrowers but ultimately is intended for all ADB clients or any one that wants to use it. You can find the toolkit, technology data sheets, case studies and more at www.wastewaterinfo.asia "

--Arno Rosemarin/SEI
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3rd Asian Development Bank (ADB) and​ Developing Member Country and Partners Sanitation Dialogue May 27-29, 2014 (and financial toolkits)

According to the ADB website, the Manila-based Asian Development Bank will hold a Sanitation Dialogue, an event organized by ADB and partners in sanitation, in Manila on 27-29 May 2014.

This 3rd Sanitation Dialogue will emphasize a comprehensive approach to sanitation, including adoption of appropriate technology options, innovative contracts and incentives; addressing policy gaps; dealing with financing, viability and affordability issues; and demonstrating health, socioeconomic and environmental benefits.
The sanitation dialogue aims to
• Raise awareness and capacity of DMCs on how to make sustainable sanitation happen through discussion of successful projects involving creation of an enabling policy environment, choice of technology and financing options, and useful tools for planning and project preparation
• Enhance preparedness of DMCs to conceive, plan, and execute sanitation strategies and projects that increase access to adequate sanitation and more effective wastewater and septage management systems
• Provide a venue for knowledge sharing on good practices and innovative solutions, networking and partnerships among the governments, private sector, NGOs, academe and communities to ensure affordable, technically and environmentally sound, financially viable, and sustainable service delivery.

F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
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