Podcasts from the UNC Water Institute on WASH affordability


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Podcasts from the UNC Water Institute on WASH affordability

An Update from the WaSH Policy Research Digest - The Podcast, by Clarissa Brocklehurst  

Dear Colleagues: Below are links to 2 recent podcasts from the UNC Water Institute: The Water Institute at UNC developed the WaSH Policy Research Digest to meet the evidence needs of in-country decision makers. The Digest summarizes and explains the significance of recently published policy-relevant research or analysis, highlighting implications for WaSH policy. The podcast version of the Digest seeks to achieve this through short and engaging interviews with researchers and leaders in the sector.

June 8, 2021 -  The Challenges of Measuring Affordability of WASH  - Clarissa Brocklehurst talks to Guy Hutton, Senior Advisor in the WaSH Section of UNICEF in New York about a recently published report on the measurement of WaSH affordability. Guy explains the data sources we have available, their strengths and weaknesses, the various ways to analyze WaSH affordability, and the reasons it is so important for decision makers and policy makers to have good tools to measure and understand affordability in the sector.   

April 4, 2021 -  Exploring Affordability in the WASH Sector  - Why is affordability important, and what are the challenges in measuring it? In this interview, Joe Cook of the School of Economic Sciences of Washington State University discusses the August 2020 special issue on affordability and WASH in Water Economics and Policy.
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