Data for costs and build-out rates for conventional sewer systems


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Re: Data for costs and build-out rates for conventional sewer systems

Dear Gunilla,
Thanks for writing this paper. I am working on FSM planning processes and I have one more reference to convince that FSM is urgently needed especially since on-site sanitation is already widespread in India. 
I'd like to point to a modelling  study  which based on past  investment concludes that even in most optimistic scenario, most of Africa and Asia will not be connected to sewer systems by 2050.

I like the two measure you use - the build out rate and the rate of number of persons benefitting from the installation of infrastructure. These make projects comparable across geographies. I hope this leads to such data being maintained and also information of duration of various phases ( advocacy, planning, designing, procurement, construction, etc.) can be maintained for more projects to enable more research to understand where projects get most delayed.

I also like the surprise turn in the conclusion section where you discuss the need of changing curricula and training the future generations for appreciation of  alternatives to the conventional sewerage systems.  I completely agree and wish to point (though I have a hunch you already may be aware) out that some of it has already started. I am sure you are aware of the new masters course at UNESCO IHE. The NIUA  led some discussions in India and hopefully we will see a similar course tailored for India being offered at an Indian University soon. 

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