Wastewater treatment fee plan resurfaces, 15 years on (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Wastewater Treatment Fee

Wastewater Treatment Fee

What happens when there is no charge for sewerage system?
Answer: the residents will discharge wastewater indiscriminately.

In case of Bangkok:

“Wastewater has undermined the capital city's environmental reputation. Once dubbed as the Venice of the East, once clean canals in Bangkok have been inundated with wastewater discharged from households, factories and buildings. The BMA approved a policy to collect a treatment fee for wastewater in 2004, but the policy failed to materialise into a fee, as city officials did not follow through.”

The above is from: www.bangkokpost.com/news/special-reports...=email&utm_term=news

In addition, it will be difficult for the service providers to meet their O&M (operation and maintenance) expenditure, if the residents do not pay for the services they are getting. The above link from Bangkok Post gives more interesting details.

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