Public Finance for WASH


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Re: Public Finance for WASH

Very important topic and I am glad that this initiative was started!

Did you see this interesting finance mechanism for local governments currently piloted by Oxfam in the Philippines?

I also think it is important how these public funds are then most effectively utilized, for example how subsidies should be designed. I started a discussion about it a while ago:

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Public Finance for WASH

Universal water and sanitation coverage will require governments to invest more money, and to invest it more effectively. But how can this be achieved? This problem is being tackled by a new initiative, launched on 13 April 2015: Public Finance for WASH .

Public Finance for WASH is a collaborative advocacy and research initiative of IRC, Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) and Trémolet Consulting. The accompanying website offers news, a blog and a growing number of resources: the first three Finance Briefs are now available for download .

Domestic public finance - basically taxes - is critical to achieving the new Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for water and sanitation because market-based solutions and development aid, though essential, will never be able to deliver universal water and sanitation coverage alone, especially not for the poor.

Public Finance for WASH is very open to offers of collaboration from individuals or organisations, especially:
  • experience and opinion pieces from decision-makers and sector professionals working with public finance solutions
  • suggestions for particular publication topics that you think it would be useful for us to cover
  • indication of interesting cases that you have been involved in, and that might form the basis for a useful publication
  • offers to actually write a short publication (please get in touch with us first)
  • enquiries about support with design and development of masters-level and PhD research projects relating to public finance for WASH (though please note, no funding can be offered)

If you would like to collaborate please use the contact form at:

You can also follow Public Finance for WASH on Twitter @pf4wash .
Cor Dietvorst
Information Manager
Programme Officer | IRC
+31 70 304 4014 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |
Skype cor.dietvorst | Twitter @dietvorst
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