You are invited to "Designing our Water/Energy Future" seminar


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You are invited to "Designing our Water/Energy Future" seminar

The International WaterCentre, the International Energy Centre and Aqua for All will co host the “Designing our Water/Energy Future” seminar at this years world water week in Stockholm.

You are invited to attend the session to explore reasons for and challenges to integration across water and energy, with a view to identifying the capacities that will be needed to catalyse change and build synergies across these divergent yet interconnected sectors.

Envisioning the future from different perspectives, private, public and academic panellists from the water and energy sectors will challenge current paradigms in a highly interactive session. Examples will draw from developing countries where vulnerable communities have the most to lose from mismanagement of water and energy resources, but also the most to gain from improved service delivery.

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