International Engineers DEWATS Training


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International Engineers DEWATS Training

CDD Society is happy to announce this year's International DEWATS Training from 3-7 September 2018 at Bangalore, India.

The five days introductory training programme is specifically designed to impart knowledge and skills required for planning, designing, implementing and managing DEWATS through the hands-on learning experience.

With the completion of this training programme the participants will have:
  • developed a common understanding about the concept of wastewater
  • understood the characterization of wastewater and prescribe the type of treatment that will be required to meet standards for appropriate wastewater management and disposal
  • acquired knowledge and skill on how to assess, analyse, plan and implement a decentralised wastewater treatment plant
The training programme will be conducted at the Centre for Advanced Sanitation Solutions (CASS) in Kengeri, Bangalore and it provides a unique learning environment for the participants through its training facilities in coordination with a state-of-the-art wastewater analysis laboratory, a comprehensive library and an exhibition unit showcasing challenges for the sanitation sector and potential solutions.

For for more information please check our website.
Lincy Paravanethu
CDD Society
Survey No. 205 | (Opp. Beedi Workers Colony) |
Kommaghatta RoadBandemath |Kengeri Sattelite Town |
Bengaluru 560060

Tel: +91-(0)80-28486700 | +91-(0)80-28482144 |

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