Government and partners accelerate regional coordination


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Government and partners accelerate regional coordination

WSSCC field communications consultant in Madagascar, reports Malagasy partners, representing the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector, gathered in Ihosy on 7 November to launch and operationalize the platform called “Structure Regionale de Mise en Oeuvre (SRMO)” or the Regional Implementing Structure in the region of Ihorombe.

The platform is a regional component of the nationwide platform, known as the “Structure de Coordination Nationale (National Coordination Structure),” which was unveiled earlier in 2019 by the Government of Madagascar to accelerate progress toward the achievement of “Madagasikara Madio 2025 (Clean Madagascar 2025).”

The article published on WSSCC website Government and partners accelerate regional coordination highlights the actions being taken to improve access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation, and hygiene across the nation by 2023.

Are you or have you been to Madagascar? Tell us what you think about the new government plan.

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