The Netherlands WASH strategy 2016 - 2030

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The Netherlands WASH strategy 2016 - 2030

Dear all,

Some key points from the Netherlands WASH strategy that I would like to share here:

  • The new WASH strategy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, has revealed four main challenges influencing WASH interventions: 1) population growth 2) environmental degradation and climate change 3) finance and 4) migration.

  • The Netherlands aims to provide directly 30 and 50 million people access to drinking water and sanitation services respectively by 2030, and Dutch funding will help to improve access to service delivery indirectly.

  • Through the new policy, the implementation of the WASH strategy will focus on:
    1) Financing programmes
    2) Stimulating collaboration between public and private sectors, civil society and knowledge institutions
    3) Directing the use of Dutch know-how and technology

The WASH strategy is available here for download:


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