USAID's Water and Development Strategy: Sanitation (webinar recording and feedback)


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USAID's Water and Development Strategy: Sanitation (webinar recording and feedback)

I recently attended a webinar by USAID on the Topic of "Sanitation" on 28 April.
The recording is now available here:

About this webinar:
In this webinar, USAID’s Jesse Shapiro discusses and responds to participant questions about the impacts of sanitation; critical challenges to improving sanitation; the sanitation ladder and service chain; and programmatic interventions to improve sanitation.

I also attach the powerpoint slides that were used.

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They also provided some additional documents about their strategy which I also attach below (probably all available on their website, too).

Some notes that I took:
I found it interested that Jesse Shapiro also used the term "sustainable sanitation", e.g. here:

He said that about 20-30% of their Water and Sanitation budget goes to sanitation, but it is difficult to track that separately because sanitation is often integrated in projects, e.g. in Cambodia with nutrition.

In the Q&A session he also addressed the question on how they monitor their WASH investments after the projects have ended (not easy to do).

In his presentation he mentioned quite a few large projects that they are funding (in Indonesia, Ghana, West Africa, Uganda, India, Cambodia). I am looking at including them in our projects database, which can be filtered by funding source USAID:

Applying the USAID funding source as a filter only brings up these three so far:

According to their website (, they have another two webinars coming up which could be of relevance to SuSanA members:

WASH and Nutrition
May 26, 2015 at 10:00 am Eastern Time (Washington, D.C.)/14:00 GMT (registration link coming soon)

(this is today? I haven't found the link yet; Ah, I found the link now on twitter:

Overcoming undernutrition is a great challenge that will require both WASH and nutrition interventions. Elizabeth Jordan, from USAID’s Global Health Bureau, will discuss the connection between undernutrition and lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and highlight opportunities for integrated programming to achieve better health outcomes.

Sustainability of WASH Services
June 4, 2015 at 10:00 am Eastern Time (Washington, D.C.)/14:00 GMT (registration link coming soon)

To be sustainable, WASH programs need to be designed to have lasting impact over time and after USAID’s assistance ends. USAID’s Heather Skilling and Rochelle Rainey will host this webinar on the nature of sustainable WASH services; factors of sustainable service; challenges and approaches that can improve programming outcomes by addressing sustainability.

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