SanMark Practitioner Training, 29 May - 31 May 2013, Kenia

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  • SuSanA secretariat currently allocates 2 full time person equivalents of time from members of GIZ Sustainable Sanitation Team: Arne Panesar, Doreen Mbalo, Shobana Srinivasan, Franziska Volk and interns Ainul Nisaa and Christene Razafimaharo.
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SanMark Practitioner Training, 29 May - 31 May 2013, Kenia

Applications now open for SanMark Practitioner Training
The SanMark COP is excited to offer a series of face-to-face 3-day Practitioner Trainings in Africa.
  • Kenia 29 May - 31 May 2013

Target Audience

The Practitioner Training is targeting field-level and program managers and technical advisors responsible for designing, developing, implementing and/or monitoring sanitation marketing activities. The training will be most suitable for:
•Field-level program managers from NGOs or local government
•Technical staff responsible for making decisions about field-level programs
•Staff in direct contact with villages and households within a sanitation market
•Staff from diverse professional backgrounds (business development, marketing, public health, communications, WASH, etc.) are welcome
•Proficiency in English language is required

Selection Criteria

A maximum of 40 successful applicants will be invited to join each training.

Criteria for selection includes:

• Experience and interest in applying Sanitation Marketing within current role
•Evidence of ability to apply learning from the training to current or planned work
•Enthusiasm, commitment and energy
•Field-level program managers and regional/technical staff supporting Sanitation Marketing activities on the ground
•WASH Reference group members and local partners will be given preference
•Limitations to numbers of participants from a given country or agency may apply

For further informations check -->

For further events in the sanitation sector please check our event calendar -->

Kind regards,
SuSanA secretariat.
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