SHARE WIDELY: USAID Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program


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SHARE WIDELY: USAID Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program

Dear All.
USAID is pleased to share with you information on USAID’s supported Workforce Gender
Equality Accelerated Program. This is a leadership program that seeks to
develop the skills and tools needed to increase gender equality, diversity, and
inclusion in the workplace. The Accelerated Program focuses on developing and
improving company culture, policies, and practices that advance gender
equality, and is most applicable to companies that have (or are in the process
of developing) standard human resource practices.

This six month program consists of organizational gender equality assessments,
a seven-week virtual course, and four months of change management coaching that
prepares managers to become agents of change within their organizations. The
course develops the skills managers need to:
  • Identify gender equality gaps within their organization.
  • Develop a business case that demonstrates how gender equality will benefit the
    organization’s bottom-line.
  • Take targeted, tangible, and strategic action, grounded in assessment, to
    increase gender equality in their organization.
  • Strengthen leadership and change management skills and exercise more influence to
    create an equitable and diverse workplace.
It is designed for female and male managers who wish to develop their gender
equality expertise, boost their influence, and spearhead change within their
organization. Operations leaders, HR managers, and managers of other support
functions who are strategically placed within their organizations to influence
change are encouraged to apply. Each program accepts up to fifty participants,
and organizations are required to send two to three employees.
Registration for the virtual program may be done by following this link

For further information, please visit USAID page
The program is offering limited needs-based scholarships to cover the registration fees for
participants who are unable to. If unable to please complete this
registration form, and when asked if you are able to pay for the registration
fee, simply select "No" and you will receive follow-up information
about scholarships.
Kindly share widely!


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