CSE-Online Course on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19; October 28 - November 30, 2020


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CSE-Online Course on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19

The provision of safe water, sanitation and hygienic conditions is essential to protect human health during all infectious disease outbreaks, including the COVID-19. To address this, water and sanitation safety planning plays a vital role, being a risk based management tools highlighting the integration of the health sector and helps to bring a human health perspective to traditional non-health sectors like water services and sanitation engineering.

This online course aims to create change-agents who will have basic understanding about the concepts and principles of Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) in order to ensure safe water and efficient management of sanitation services.

  • Linkage between water, sanitation and health: Current and future challenges
  • Enabling environment for improved water and sanitation for all
  • Tools and approaches for better water and sanitation planning and progress (Shit Flow Diagram, SaniPath, Water Safety Plan, Sanitation Safety Plan, CWIS, City Sanitation Plan) 
  • Water and sanitation safety planning: Risk based approach to protect public health
Last date to register: 21st October, 2020
Registration Link:  bit.ly/2GjT5kC

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Re: CSE-Online Course on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19

Dear Sumita,

Thank you for sharing this training. I am aware that GIZ in Zambia is supporting the possible development of SSPs for Lusaka under the Lusaka District WASH Public Health Committee. They did have a training of stakeholders on the approach last year before COVID struck and i am sure additional sector players that missed that training would benefit from this training now that plans are near underway. 

I just wonder, considering that this is the last day of the registration process if my comment is timely to push this back to the top for anyone who would still like to register but may not have seen the ad.

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