New publication by Gates Foundation: Building Demand for Sanitation - A 2015 Portfolio Update and Overview (details for 22 grants)


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New publication by Gates Foundation: Building Demand for Sanitation - A 2015 Portfolio Update and Overview (details for 22 grants)

Dear all,

We are happy to share with you a report that we recently published entitled: "Building Demand for Sanitation - A 2015 Portfolio Update and Overview". I attach it below and you can also find it here in the SuSanA library:

The content for this report was collected during and after our grantee convene in Hanoi just after the FSM3 Conference in Hanoi in January 2015.

For anyone interested in our work in the segment "Building Demand for Sanitation" (BDS) this should be an enormously valuable resource, and a great snapshot and synthesis of some of the key learning and thinking from the foundation's BDS portfolio (which is part of our water, sanitation, hygiene (WSH) portfolio).

Jan Willem Rosenboom wrote in the preface of the report:

The report that follows attempts to outline what the Foundation and its BDS partners are doing to help meet these challenges and move the world towards universal sanitation. Naturally, it is impossible to capture everything that these individuals and organizations are accomplishing. However, I hope that readers will be inspired by it, and if particularly interested in certain topics, projects or organizations-they can use the contact information provided to find out more.

The document contains profiles and status updates for 22 BDS grants with the following project titles (many of these grants have already been discussed in some depth here on the discussion forum, and links to those threads are included below):

1. Partnership with USAID to research and improve effectiveness of Community-Led Total Sanitation approaches (Determining the effectiveness and mode of operation of CLTS: The DEMO-CLTS study)
Link to discussion on forum:

2. Testing Modified CLTS for Scalability
Link to forum:

3. Scaling-up and Strengthening Community Approaches to Total Sanitation
Link to forum:

4. Sustainable Total Sanitation in Nigeria
Link to forum:

5. The Cambodia Sanitation Marketing Scale Up Project (SMSU)
Link to forum:

6. Innovations in Sustainable Sanitation in Bangladesh (BRAC)

7. Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements in Bihar through Supply-side Strengthening (3SI)
Link to forum:

8. Project Prasaadhan - Business Model Development for Fecal Sludge Management in Rural Bihar
Link to forum:

9. Integrated water and sanitation model for rural India

10. Improving Rural Effective Total Sanitation through Female Local Government Members of Union Parishad Led Intervention in Bangladesh

11. Sanitation and Hygiene Initiative through Community Institutions of the Poor in Uttar Pradesh, India

12. Community Hygiene OBA (CHOBA) in Vietnam and Cambodia
Link to forum:

13. Networking and Action Learning to Support CLTS (CLTS Knowledge Hub, UK)

14. Ghana Sanitation and Water in Small Towns and Rural Areas (SAWiSTRA) Programme
Link to forum:

15. Community hygiene clubs - Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme (Rwanda)
Link to forum:

16. Does Sanitation behavior Migrate? Evidence from seasonal migrant workers in Bangladesh
Link to documents in library:

17. SQUAT: Evidence based sanitation advocacy for India
Link to forum:

18. Sanitation Product Development for Sub-Saharan Africa
Link to forum:

19. GCE Phase 2: The Earth Auger Toilet: Innovation in Waterless Sanitation (Ecuador)
Link to forum:

20. Selling sanitation: A market development project for household sanitation in East Africa
Link to forum:

21. Evaluating the Impact of Community Led Total Sanitation Programs in Mali
Link to documents in library:

22. Inter-Linkages in Sanitation Demand Across Households (Bangladesh)
Link to forum:

You can also find more information about these grants by using the SuSanA project database and searching either for project title or by putting this into the search field: #BDS
The results of using this search term are here:

If you have questions or comments, please put them here or into the discussion forum threads of the respective projects.


Roshan Shrestha,PhD
Senior Program Officer
Global Development Division
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Seattle - WA
Tel: +206 770 2453
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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