internal message function now operational

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internal message function now operational

Dear all,

I have good news for you today: There was a user request last year to add an internal e-mailing function to the forum (see above). I am happy to announce that this has now been added. From tomorrow morning (European time) onwards it will be possible to send other users short (!) direct messages, which they will receive in their inbox (hopefully not in the spam, as the sender of this e-mail is “SuSanA Forum”).

What is this for? So that you can:
  • Thank someone for their post and make sure they see your thank you (there is also the like-button below a post).
  • Ask someone for their e-mail address
  • Alert someone to a post that you have made and that they should see.
  • Alert someone that they should perhaps read a specific post (e.g. if they were mentioned) and reply on the forum.
What is it not to be used for:
  • Any type of annoying e-mail, spam, advertisement, bugging, etc.
  • Content discussions – rather have content discussions in the open please so that all can benefit! (that's why the message is limited to a maximum of 360 characters)

How do I use it?

  • Simply click on the green “CONTACT” button below the person’s photo that appears on the left side of the person’s post (see e.g. below my photo to the left of this post). Then you get to this page where you can write your message:

    • Or find the user in the user list and then click on “CONTACT” under their photo of their profile page.
    This is the link to the user list (you can get to it from “Forum tools”, then “Statistics” at the top black bar):

    Obviously, you need to be logged in before you can make such a contact (and before you can even see the “CONTACT” button below the photo).

    This is the fine print:

    This page allows you to contact another forum user directly. Your message will be sent to the other user’s e-mail address.
    To prevent abuse your name and e-mail address will automatically be sent to the other user and we will log all communications to protect the users from spam.

    We will ban any user who abuses this function.


    We hope that you will enjoy this new feature! Feedback welcome as always.

    Oh, and we have also built in an “opt-out” function - we have thought of everything! If you really, really don’t want to be contactable via the internal messaging function, then please select “No” in the tab “Forum Settings” inside your profile where it says “Allow users to contact me”. The default setting is set to “Yes”. See screenshot below (but be fair: if you think you might want to contact other users in the future, then do allow them to contact you, too…):

    You get to your profile settings from the top black bar (see "My profile"), when you are logged in. This is also where you set your photo, personal text and signature, by the way.

    Feedback? How about you try it out immediately to get used to it and to thank your most favourite user for his or her valuable contributions over the months and years. ;)

    (and the rest of the team who worked on this new function (Steffen Eisser, Trevor Surridge and Dorothee Spuhler))

    Community manager and chief moderator of this forum
    (Funded via GIZ short term consultancy contract)

    Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
    Independent consultant located in Brisbane, Australia
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter: @EvMuench
    Sanitation Wikipedia project leader:
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