The completion of the SuSanA Phase 3 BMGF Grant - building on the results in future?


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Re: Fwd: [SuSanA Forum] The completion of the SuSanA Phase 3 BMGF Grant - building on the results in future? (Announcements regarding SuSanA)

Good news: I am now able to share with you the final report about this grant that we had submitted to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in January 2019. You see here a slightly edited version (for example I had to make all the internal links - which were going to documents on Google Drive - public facing).

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The file is also here as the last one in a long list of downloads (scroll to the bottom of the page):

For those who want to see all the details of the work we did in the grant, I have uploaded a pile of documents that we (the grant consortium) produced to a new SuSanA library entry here:

Documents available for download there include:

- Stakeholder market study inception report by CAWST (May 2017)

- SuSanA World Water Day March 2017 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Report: Looking Back by Elisabeth von Muench and Diane Kellogg (May 2017)

- SuSanA Forum Update - work progress log by Steffen Eisser (May 2017)

- Establishing Indicators for Sanitation Wikipedia by Elisabeth von Muench and Diane Kellogg (Sept 2017)

- Project Overview: Objectives and deliverables after Year 1 of Phase 3, Oxfam activities, market survey communications plan, presentation by Simon Okoth, Esther Shaylor, Arno Rosemarin for PAB meeting in Seattle (Oct 2017); PAB stands for Project advisory Board

- SuSanA introduction, persona concept and SWOT - presentation by Arne Panesar for PAB meeting in Seattle (Oct 2017)

- SuSanA Platform Revamp based on User Experience Study - presentation by Elisabeth von Muench (Oct 2017)

- Wikipedia Key Articles - indicators monitoring spreadsheet by Elisabeth von Muench (Dec 2017)

- Analysis of achievements of Nov 2017 event of Sanitation Wikipedia project (comparison with indicators) by Elisabeth von Muench and Diane Kellogg (Jan 2018)

- Terms of Reference for SuSanA Organization Study by Consortium (Feb 2018)

- Survey amongst SuSanA members by Sphaera (July 2018)

- Results from survey responses from Sphaera with graphs (Sept 2018)

- WaterAid activities - Final report (Sept 2018)

- SuSanA Monitoring and Evaluation Framework by Simon Okoth (Nov 2018)

- Oxfam activities - Final report by Esther Shaylor and Tanya Glanville-Wallis (Nov 2018)

- Results of Sanitation Wikipedia Survey by Elisabeth von Muench (Dec 2018)

This is in addition to the documents that I had already uploaded to the library earlier here :

- Paper about this grant in SSP Journal: "Sustainable Sanitation Alliance members take a closer look at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s sanitation grants", Issue 17, EcoSan Club, Austria - Authors: Elisabeth von Muench, Dorothee Spuhler, Trevor Surridge, Nelson Ekane, Kim Andersson, Emine Goekce Fidan, Arno Rosemarin, (Oct. 2013).

- Report about survey results: Questionnaire to Grantees funded by BMGF-WSH (17 March 2014)

- Appendix II of final report: Analytics Report covering time period July 2011 until 3 March 2014 (19 March 2014)

- Explanation about the presence of sanitation grants by BMGF on the SuSanA platform (8 Dec 2014)

- Statistics report to monitor SuSanA Discussion Forum and library up to 30 April 2015
Authors: Elisabeth von Muench and Danijela Milosevic (Ostella), reviewed by Arno Rosemarin (SEI) and Lasse Roeder (GIZ), (29 May 2015)

- Presentation about the grant made at 23rd SuSanA Meeting in Chennai, India by Doreen Mbalo, GIZ (18 Feb 2017)

- SuSanA Platform Usability Study Report by Bentley University (March 2017)

- User Experience (UX) Study Moderator’s Guide by Bentley University (March 2017)

- UX Study Screener for recruiting panel of participants (March 2017)

- Presentation about the grant made at 24th SuSanA Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden by Simon Okoth (26 August 2017)

- Results of SuSanA Sanitation Sector Knowledge Management Study (by CAWST and seecon) (Sept. 2017)

- SuSanA personas (by CAWST and seecon) (Sept. 2017)

- Revitalizing the SuSanA Working Groups by Kim Andersson (Sept. 2017)

- SuSanA Communications Plan by SuSanA based on CAWST Sector Knowledge Management Study with 9 Appendices (2 Nov 2017) - the appendices are in a separate library entry, see external link below

- SuSanA Strategy and Work Plan - Towards Sustainable Sanitation for All by SuSanA secretariat and core group (13 Feb 2018)

- Poster about this grant: Embedding “best practice” into hearts and minds by Esther Shaylor, Oxfam (April 2018)

- Conference paper: Understanding the knowledge management needs of SuSanA’s stakeholders by Esther Shaylor, Shobana Srinivasan, Doreen Mbalo (July 2018)

- Presentation: Understanding the Knowledge Management and Capacity Development needs of SuSanA’s stakeholders by Shobana Srinivasan, GIZ (August 2018)

- SuSanA 2.0 Final Organisational & Operational Recommendations by Sphaera (Sept 2018) - NB: not endorsed by the SuSanA Core Group

- Final Report to BMGF about this project by Arno Rosemarin and Simon Okoth, submitted to BMGF in January 2019, and slightly edited in May 2019 by Elisabeth von Muench to make it into a public-facing report

Each of those documents can be accessed via the SuSanA library links that I provided above. There is one link for the main documents, and one link for the secondary documents.

Happy reading! Please don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear or any of the links are broken. We got a lot of work done in those six years of BMGF co-funding for SuSanA (2012-2018). I hope a lot of these materials will continue to be useful into the future of SuSanA! (see more about the future of SuSanA in this thread: ).

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