We have a global login for the website and forum !


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We have a global login for the website and forum !

Dear SuSanA members,

As most of you know the SuSanA secretariat and the BMGF grant consortium have been working in making the website and forum better for SuSanA users.
We know that it is hassle to login into the forum and website separately. Hence we wanted to make it easier for users , especially the members who contribute in the forum and website on behalf of our partner organisations.

We finally have the global login function for SuSanA members. From now on you will be able to login through the website to use the forum and vice versa. Members do not have to log into the website separately if you are logged into the forum.

If you have problems with your global login, kindly contact me or the secretariat.

For newer partner organisations:
Kindly contact me if you have more than one user uploading contents in the library , project database on behalf of our organisation. You will need special editing rights if you are not the official contact person.

Best Regards,
Shobana Srinivasan
Programme Management Officer
UN Habitat

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