Featuring SuSanA's 300th Partner - 3ie


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Featuring SuSanA's 300th Partner - 3ie

Dear SuSanA Community,
SuSanA has 300 Partners now and yes, our network is growing!

We take pleasure in featuring our 300th partner 3ie.

Want to know more about 3ie?

3ie is an international grant-making NGO promoting evidence-informed development policies and programmes. Their work focuses on generating high quality evidence that contributes to effective policies for the poor.

Since its founding in 2008, 3ie has awarded over 200 grants (146 impact evaluations, 33 systematic reviews and 38 other studies) in over 50 countries.

3ie conducts workshops, courses, conferences, and lecture series on a regular interval that are aimed at building the capacity to conduct and use impact evaluations and systematic reviews. These events bring together diverse groups of researchers, evaluators and donors for active debates on evidence-based policymaking.

3ie is keen to ensure that the research it supports is used by a wide audience, particularly policymakers, programme managers, researchers, development practitioners, and teachers. In order to facilitate that they publish impact evaluations, systematic reviews, scoping papers, replication studies, briefs, evidence gap map reports as well as commissioned working papers from time to time.


Projects by 3ie in the SuSanA project database

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