New WASH'Nutrition practical guidebook (Action Contre la Faim)


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New WASH'Nutrition practical guidebook (Action Contre la Faim)

Dear members of Working Group 12,

I am pleased to share with you the new guidebook published by Action Contre la Faim in early 2017: WASH’Nutrition - A practical guidebook on increasing nutritional impact through integration of WASH and Nutrition programs, for practitioners in humanitarian and development contexts.

This guidebook has been prepared by Action Contre la Faim - ACF and financially supported by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Operations (ECHO). An international group of more than 20 experts in the fields of WASH, Nutrition and Health, together with numerous field practitioners, contributed to its development by participating in the peer review process, providing technical expertise, insightful reflections, ideas and materials.

The guidebook is organized in six main chapters, as following:
1. The basics of undernutrition and WASH
2. Linking nutritional outcomes with the WASH environment
3. WASH ’Nutrition strategy and programming
4. Integrating activities at different levels and contexts
5. Monitoring and evaluation of integrated interventions
6. Moving towards uptake.

Illustrated with many field examples, this guidebook aims to guide field practitioners in the implementation, up scaling and monitoring of a strong WASH’Nutrition strategy and program.

Feel free to share it widely within your network.

Best regards
Joachim Peeters
Action contre la Faim - Regional WASH Advisor
Chad, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Re: New WASH'Nutrition practical guidebook (Action Contre la Faim)

Dear Joachim,

Thanks a lot for reminding people of Working Group 12 of this important publication.
In case anyone has comments or questions about this publication, please put them in this other thread on the forum where we had commented on this publication previously after Claire told us about it in December 2016:

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