Train to World Water Week

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Train to World Water Week

Together with a colleague from Viva con Agua we are planning to come to Stockholm by rail - the preferred mode of transport when visiting the birthplace of the Fridays for Future movement!

We will come from Hamburg and will take the night train to Copenhagen in the evening of the 24th August and will arrive in Stockholm around lunchtime on the 25th.

Return with the night train leaving Stockholm late on the 30th via Malmo and Copenhagen arriving in Hamburg in the early afternoon on the 31st.

Costs for a return ticket are standing somewhere around 150-200€ for our route.

Are there other participants thinking about travelling by train and which routes are you planning to use?
Anyone interested in having a train-ride share?

Looking forward to the WWW and hoping to meet some people already on the journey.


Dennis Wolter
Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.
WASH Project Coordinator
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