International Day of Zero Waste


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International Day of Zero Waste

Dear All,

Today is "International Day of Zero Waste" which falls on 30th March every year, the day is meant to raise awareness on the importance of zero waste and responsible consumption, production practices and urban waste management contributing to achieving sustainable development.

Yesterday a group of Environmental Health students from Levy Mwanawasa Medical University in Lusaka, Zambia went for a field learning visit to stir up innovation in protecting water source points against indiscriminate disposal of solid waste. During the visit, there was community engagement with Mhatma School Management to come up with sustainable solutions to poor solid waste management being practiced by the community surrounding Mhatma School and Public Library in Mtendere Compound a peri- urban area in Lusaka district.

The students have plans to engage with tthe community using the Urban School and Community Led Total Sanitation Hygiene Education Methodology in Mtendere in partnership with key stakeholders to be identified.

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