New practitioner voices story: Rising groundwater and collapsing latrines in Gulu, Uganda


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New practitioner voices story: Rising groundwater and collapsing latrines in Gulu, Uganda

Hi everyone, 

We've just published our 4th practitioner voice story in our series on tough physical environments. 

In this story, Ceasar Onen describes how heavy rains have caused latrines to overflow and collapse in Gulu District, Uganda.

Read the story in full here:

Thanks and best wishes,

Alice Webb
Communications and Impact Officer
The Sanitation Learning Hub at the Institute of Development Studies
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Re: New practitioner voices story: Rising groundwater and collapsing latrines in Gulu, Uganda

Thanks Alice for sharing another story from the ground. Really appreciate the opportunity SLH is providing for practitioners to voice their concerns and share them with the wider world. 

I came across a new term 'drainable toilets' from the post, and found what it means from here through a quick search

A drainable latrine is a pit latrine that can be emptied. The walls of the pit are lined with brick or cement and the pit is part-filled with water. A pipe leads from outside the latrine to inside the pit. A cesspit emptier can connect to this pipe to drain the waste. With a drainable latrine, it is important to only drop materials into the pit that can decompose. Other materials will block the pipe.

I am however not sure how they are different from holding tanks. Do such toilets have no bottom? 

Toilets and sanitation in flood-prone areas have been earlier discussed on the forum, pointing to a couple of threads that may be useful for the author and practitioners facing similar challenges.  
  1.  Manual for constructing latrines in flood-prone and high-groundwater locations (English and Khmer versions), Cambodia 
  2. Toilets for a flood-prone elementary school in the Philippines 
Could you also request the author to post their experiences in relevant threads on the forum.

Paresh Chhajed-Picha
Researcher at Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter: @Sparsh85
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