Information on cooking stoves and incinerators


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  • I am a ceramic industrial designer focused on environmental health and development. Ceramics is ideally suited to addressing the urgent needs of low-income communities and countries. Those embracing ceramic developments will industrialize, gaining resilience and self-sufficiency.
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Re: Information on cooking stoves and incinerators

Hi Richard Kizito,

Following is a link to a presentation that was this morning by Zoom, hosted here in Western New York.  The same presentation will be next week, December 8th, 10am New York time, incase you're interested.   The second link is to a newsletter which includes links on additional background.  The insulating rocket stove shown is remarkably simple to put together with the help of, for example, potters in the developing world. 

Contact me at the email indicated <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> and I'll send you additional information that would enable you to put together the stoves without my further assistance.  Or tell me where you are and maybe I could fly there.  As described the insulating rocket stove shown was put together in the far west of Tanzania, without my presence, as a simple outcome of prior correspondence.  The stove could be scaled up for use as an incinerator though this has yet to be done.  Please have a look at the content of these two links.

Reid Harvey, ceramic industrial designer, Niagara Falls, NY USA

For the Poor, By the Poor, Safe Drinking Water and Clean Cookstoves:

Newsletter of Ceramics in Environmental Health:
All the best, Reid
Anthony Reid Harvey, ceramic industrial designer
Africa Prosperity Inc.
Niagara Falls, NY USA
Here is a video presentation that gives an overview of ceramic WASH and development interventions:
Harvey, Anthony Reid (2021): Sanitary stoneware toilets: production closer to the need. Loughborough University. Conference contribution.

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Information on cooking stoves and incinerators

Hello friends in development.
I have issues which I hereby seek information.
  1. how possible can I get more information about Cookstoves.
  2. incinerator construction, where can I get information .
Hope to hear from you soon.

Richard Kizito

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