Improving sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia during the pandemic


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Improving sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia during the pandemic

Dear Colleagues, 
As you may be aware by now that countries in Africa are racing against time to ensure that the populations are safe from Coronavirus. 

WSSCC has been working in Ethiopia to advance better sanitation and hygiene for the vulnerable people, and today, Ethiopia, is one of the countries that has so far managed to contain the spread of COVID-19 through a mix of surveillance, WASH-Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), health education and the promotion of handwashing, the use of face masks, staying at home and physical distancing.

 Mr Mesfin Sahele Gebreyes, the programme manager of the WSSCC-funded Ethiopia Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Programme (E-SHIP) spoke with WSSCC field communications correspondent, Kevin Mwanza, who begun by asking Mesfin to explain how COVID-19 affected the hygiene situation in Ethiopia?

"The practice of handwashing used to be very low before. But since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been handwashing promotions by known people, artists, and athletes, the Prime Minister, Ministers and religious leaders that have improved the situation. It is mandatory now to wash or sanitize hands before entering any organization.A lot has improved, and there are innovative handwashing facilities which can be operated by foot like the pedal hand wash. It is also mandatory to wear masks in public places and while using public transport. Due to the state of emergency, transport companies are not allowed to carry more than 50 percent of the capacity of their vehicle but can double charge to recover their costs."

Read the rest of the interview here  

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