Rethinking vacuum sewers?


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Re: Rethinking vacuum sewers?

Dear Krischan,

welcome to the SuSanA Forum and thank you for your introduction. Which is your university and your field of interest?

Regarding your question on vacuum sanitation systems: I know one project with a vacuum system at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China where the Sino-Italian Environment & Energy Building (SIEEB)has been equipped with a conventional system on one wing and an alternative systems at the other wing of the building. The alternative system includes a vacuum sewer as well as urine diversion toilets. I visited the project in 2009 and it was running quite. At this time there was no reuse of the collected urine, but I am not sure if this is also from your interest.

There is a SuSanA case study on that project where you can find more information:

The SuSanA Library shows 7 documents using the search function with "vacuum":

Btw I think vacuum systems are an interesting option but due high costs it does not seem to me a good solution for low-income areas.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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Rethinking vacuum sewers?

First off: hello to everyone here on the SuSanA forums.
I got to know about this forums over at the WASH forums where I am posting quite often.

About me? My name is Krischan and after a some experience in the development sector (mostly drinking-water and emergency context) I am now back at a University research institute in Germany working on various topics related to WASH. Edit: changed jobs since then.

So this brings me to my question ;)
Does anyone have some ideas or feedback to give on the general concept of vacuum sewers in a development context?
I already posted about this in more detail on the WASH forums:

I am well aware that there are various reasons why this technology is probably considered unsuitable at first glance, however I am currently of the opinion that some creative thinking could change that (especially when combined with water-reuse and/or simple bio-gas production).
But any feedback is highly appreciated!

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