Costing data for condominium sewers?

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Costing data for condominium sewer

I'm hoping to understand the Bill of Quantity required to build a condominium sewer, focusing on quantities. That way, I can supplement this list of material requirements and associated volumes with local unit cost data, to get to a reliable cost estimate.

Kindly if you could share the information i will really appreciate.

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Re: Costing data for condominium sewer?

Hi Edinah,

In order to help you better with your query, can you let us know what search methods you have used so far? Did a Google search bring up anything? I did a quick Google search and also searched in the SuSanA library ( ). Search for condomini as that would include the terms "condominium" and "condominial".
13 search results in the SuSanA library:

This document from 2005 has some costing data:
The Experience of Condominial Water and Sewerage Systems in Brazil - Case Studies from Brasilia, Salvador and Parauapebas

You should also use the search terms "simplified" and also "non-conventional". (it's actually a hassle that we have so many terms for the same thing...)
There was this discussion forum thread:

There was a document recommended from ps-eau from 2014:
Ily, J. et al. (2014). Non-conventional sewerage services - Methodological guide n° 7: When to choose this option, how to implement this solution. pS-Eau, France

It also includes data on cost.

At the end of the day, you might have do the technical design for your particular situation (or get a civil engineer/consultant who can do it for you in case you haven't designed one before) to get the most accurate cost estimate.


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