Industry 4.0 concepts in wastewater treatment

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Industry 4.0 concepts in wastewater treatment

''Industry 4.0 concepts in wastewater treatment''......Any related publications to this topic will be helpful.
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Re: Industry 4.0 concepts in wastewater treatment

Dear Jimie,
Please give us more context to your question: what are you asking and why? What have you found already?

I put your thread title into Google and found for example this blog post:

Industry 4.0 & Water 4.0
‘Industrie 4.0’ is a term that originated in Germany around 2011. It describes the next generation of industrial production based on cyber-physical systems.
So now Germany wants to bring this same idea to the water industry with the inventive name ‘Wasser 4.0’.

Wikipedia has this to say about Industry 4.0:

Anyway, would be good to know more about your question and "where you're coming from".


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Re: Industry 4.0 concepts in wastewater treatment

Hi jimie

We didn't use the concept Industry 4.0, but it was with similar principles in mind that we use the phrase 'wastewater biorefineries'
Our completed project report and a short description is on the Future Water website:

We are currently working on more specific industry case studies, e.g. pulp and paper, and separately on beneficiation of urine and sludges.
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