Nagmagic Bio-Digester based on the DRDO/DRDE Bio-Toilets Technology


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Nagmagic Bio-Digester based on the DRDO/DRDE Bio-Toilets Technology

We, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, are one of the established players offering a complete range of Bio-Toilets based on the DRDO/DRDE Bio-Digester Technology and would like to introduce ourselves and our products.

we have detailed below the advantages of Roto-Moulded Tanks as compared to FRP Tanks.

 Made on automatic machines leading to higher product consistency. FRP is a manual process and prone to human errors.
 Low cost as compared to FRP.
 One piece construction with homogenous walls, no seams, no splitting and no welding. This eliminates stress points or seams that are found in FRP tanks.
 FRP tanks are laminates of various materials. The laminate of a FRP tank can result in a leaking of the Inoculum / liquid through the laminate.
 FRP tanks being made from a mixture of various resins and binders are susceptible to leaching of minor resin components into the contents of the tank which can be damaging to the Inoculum – Bacteria.
 Rotationally moulded Polyethylene Bio-Digester Tanks are manufactured from one polymer (resin – LLDPE) and hence they will not delaminate.
 Higher Chemical Resistance as compared to FRP.
 Higher Impact Resistance compared to FRP Tanks.
 Good UV stability for Bio-Digester Tanks which are installed above the ground.
 Completely waterproof, will not absorb water or moisture, no weight gain ever
 Exact control of material going in for every Bio-Digester Tank

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Re: Nagmagic Bio-Digester based on the DRDO/DRDE Bio-Toilets Technology

Dear Girish,
Your post sounds a bit like an advertisement which we don't allow on the forum (no plain advertising allowed). However we do allow what we call "friendly advertising" where suppliers enter into a dialogue with interested people. As such, I would like to point out that we have discussed these DRDO Bio-Toilets in great depth on the forum: You can see previous discussion threads here:

In this post, Pawan Jha pointed out that a recent report was an eye opener and showed that these systems generally do not work. The treatment effect is next to nil, the report said. See here: It would be interesting to hear your take on this? You could post your response either here or in the other tread.

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