Pit emptying (Gulper and others)


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Re: Pit emptying - NCSU Auger testing

Hi Steve

Tate Rogers and Walt Beckwith arrived late last night. Today they have assembled and tested the auger on our pig slurry in the yard. Tomorrow they will start with pour flush pits, which I expect they will manage easily. The only thing to check will be to what extent the sludge flows to the auger and to what extent the auger has to be manhandled around. Then later tomorrow and Thursday they move on to VIPs or increasing difficulty.

Their machine is very professionally made. The hydraulic drive is a great idea, as it keeps the auger weight down. They also have plastic auger flights, which are off the shelf items where they come from.

Watch this space!


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Re: Captiva Africa-Water for People Launch Gulper Technology

For those who have been "watching this space" since Dave's last post on 19 March 2013 (scrol up), the test results are now available here on the forum:
(please continue the discussion there)

It's about the work of Tate Rogers and others from North Carolina State University who have tested their hydraulically powered auger to empty pit latrines near Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.
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Re: Small scale pit emptying using manual and machine

Mana, please contact me by email- perhaps we can try out the auger in Ethiopia.

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