Sludge pumps with better valves?


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Re: Sludge pumps with better valves?

I think Kelldigest's question was actually for me.  As far as I know there hasn't been any progress with the pump since I left Nairobi.  After posting the video on youtube I haven't done any more work on it in the US.  I have mixed feelings about whether it is even useful or not, as the simple scoop that the pit emptiers are currently using is so simple and not a lot slower than the pump.  

Dale Andreatta
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Re: Sludge pumps with better valves?

Hi Seamus,

If your question was in regards to my valve and not Dale's, I haven't made any progress on my valve. The design work is done but I need to come up with a few thousand to prototype it and several thousand more to make a new test rig and perform the testing. Finding funding has been very challenging unfortunately.


Andrew Whitesell
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