Licensing , regulation and monitoring of Septage Operator

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Licensing , regulation and monitoring of Septage Operator

Hi all,

I will be immensely grateful if I can learn about some best practices [ existing on the ground :)] on licensing, regulation and monitoring of the Septage Operators from India and other nations. My specific questions are

1. What is the legal framework for licensing? or in the simpler form- what are existing act/ rule/ laws backing the licensing agreement.
2. Which department precisely is the regulatory authority under ULBs?
2. How is compliance detected?
3. Role of ULBs in pricing for the service for influencing the market
4. Is the stringent regulation influencing this business negatively?
5. Evidence of successful monitoring with GPS
6. Measures taken towards occupational health, safety and PPE for the Septage Operators

Advance heartfelt thanks for all the respondents
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