Comparative information about truck manufacturers in Asia


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Comparative information about truck manufacturers in Asia

Dear colleagues,

In a way, this is a continuation of the discussion about transfer stations...

As you are all aware, there is a variety of solutions in terms of sludge transport trucks in the world. Very often these are trucks that were originally built for another purpose and then modified for use in sanitation (emptying and transport). In some cases, there are perverse incentives, e.g. equipment for agricultural use get tax benefit, but very often it's also because there are no or not many options.

We are looking for more knowledge, comparative information about faecal sludge trucks in Asia, including manufacturer, price and maintenance requirements. We want to build this comparative information to provide better advice to our partners in the different countries. In some cases this is for emptying & transport purpose, in other cases for "mobile transfer station". For the latter purpose strongs pumps are less important...

You may be aware that EAWAG and SKAT did a really nice job in compiling a set of different trucks around the world. They put it into this "Super Truck Trump game":

Not sure whether it's also available on line?

The game notes year, volume, length, empty weight, width, hose length for each truck, but not manufacturer, price, maintenance needs.

My question is whether anybody is aware of this type of comparative information and would like to share that in this group. We don't want to re-invent the wheel :)

Antoinette Kome
Global Sector Coordinator WASH

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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