An Introduction to The Groundwater Project


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An Introduction to The Groundwater Project

Greetings from The Groundwater Project, 

Let us introduce ourselves to you! 

The Groundwater Project ( GW-Project ) is a non-profit global organization registered in Canada. We are committed to contribute to advancement in education by creating and making available online free high-quality groundwater educational material for all. The GW-Project is led by Dr. John Cherry, recipient of the 2020 Stockholm Water Prize, GW-Project President and Chair of the Board of Directors. The GW-Project manages key activities with a small staff that coordinates Task Force groups comprised of volunteers. This internationally diverse group of volunteers are highly qualified and recognized groundwater professionals (scientists and practitioners).

Our vision is to provide knowledge tools for developing groundwater sustainably for humanity and ecosystems. Our mission is to promote groundwater learning. Key to the mission of the project is fostering rapid dissemination of knowledge and learning tools to universities everywhere including those in developing countries so that those with inadequate teaching resources for comprehensive groundwater education can direct students to synthesized knowledge at a high global standard.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible by publishing books for everyone.  The GW-Project publishes books in four categories and 23 domains:
(1) Children’s Books - dedicated to all sorts of groundwater information for children;
(2) Introductory Books- covering a wide range of groundwater topics and written for a broad audience;
(3) Overview Books -comprehensive books that cover groundwater topics in a larger context in a descriptive manner (mostly without equations); and
(4) Specialized Books – tailored towards groundwater education at the university level and continuing education for groundwater professionals.

Since its inception in 2017, the GW-Project has successfully created a list of hundreds of books within carefully selected topic areas and domains, encompassing nearly the entire scope of groundwater.

Attached is a list of our currently published books. To access all of our free books and educational materials which are made available worldwide please visit:  

Kindest Regards, 

The GW-Project 

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