Open spreadsheet of humanitarian EcoSan projects

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Open spreadsheet of humanitarian EcoSan projects

Hi all,

I've begun to compile a Spreadsheet of EcoSan Projects in emergency and prolonged crisis scenarios, for use in my research. It might be of value to others in this group, and many of you probably have information to build this resource further. I drew primarily from the grey literature in the SuSanA library for the information thus far.

I invite any interested members to build this further. I've made it an open Google Sheet, so all can access and edit it (here) .

Some notes on this project:

For purposes of my own research, I am defining EcoSan as any system of excreta management that:
*is characterized by source separation of excreta from other effluents, and
*allows for either
-collecting and processing excreta for resource recovery (energy, nutrients, etc.)
-treating excreta so that it can be safely returned to the land without adverse effects on water and soil resources

The "humanitarian contexts" of focus here are IDP camps, Refugee camps, and any temporary emergency settlements. Other contexts are welcome, if you feel they are relevant. I'd rather this spreadsheet be of value to more than just me, so if you see a way to expand it to benefit yourself, feel free to add fields.

I am particularly interested in the evolution and of these projects, in terms of whether they functioned for their intended life, functioned as planned, challenges that arose requiring program adjustments, etc.
While this spreadsheet appears to be technology-focused, my research is really focused on the "software" aspects of emergency EcoSan, and their role in the functioning of the overall system. I am very happy to discuss my research further with any members of this forum. Feel free to message me directly, if you wish. :)


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