Revision of Factsheet of Working Group 8 (emergency and reconstruction) - would you like to contribute?


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Revision of Factsheet of Working Group 8 (emergency and reconstruction) - would you like to contribute?

If you have an interest in the factsheet of this working group it is not yet too late to involve yourself!

On 10 October, Esther Shaylor (who is supporting the WG8 leads) had sent out an e-mail to the WG8 mailing list asking for volunteers to help with the review & update.

The factsheet in its current form is here:
It was last updated in 2012 and has the title:
Sustainable sanitation for emergencies and reconstruction situations - Factsheet of Working Group 8

A few people have already responded and offered their support to help. To enable an easier review process, Esther has now put the document into a Google doc for easier collaborative working.

Here is the link where you can add your comments:

I see Luckson Katsi and Alberto Acquistapace have already made some comments in the Google doc. Thank you!

This Google doc will remain open to comment until the 9th of November. Esther will then close it for comment and work with the leads to develop a draft that will be opened for comment during December.

She also said in her latest e-mail:

By January we can have a final draft that we share with the WG for final comments before sharing with the wider SuSanA community.

We will be looking for contributions of photos but for now let us work on the text, then when we know what we are looking for in photographs I will put out a request.

I would also request that any content you add you consider using to populate the emergency sanitation page on Wikipedia as part of SuSanA's drive to improve the quality of information available through this massive online resource -

Thanks again and please get in touch if you need any support.

So, if you are interested please take a look at the Google doc and comment there.

My own general comment would be: please try to increase the readability score, as this factsheet - like all our other SuSanA documents - is written in a quite difficult language which is hard for non-experts to follow.

Some tips on readability improvements are here:

It's as simple as (for example):
- Replace long words with short words whenever possible.
- Reduce sentences to 15-20 words. Sometimes it's as simple as turning one long sentence in two short ones.

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